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Aomni is the virtual meeting tool for people who get shit done. We rebuilt the humble video call app from the ground up with power and capability in mind, designed specifically for people like you who want the best.

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Interactive presentations

Traditional presentations via screen sharing is boring; to make it worse, you can't even see the audience if you are the one presenting. Aomni's built in presentation feature means presentations are a core part of the product, good bye screen sharing.


Run interactive Q&A sessions right from Aomni. As the host, you can write as many questions as you want. During the session, participants can submit their answers to the Q&A right through Aomni.


Easily get feedback on any idea or topic with polls. Configure up to 10 different options with single or multiple choice voting. If needed, participants can even vote anonymously.


All interactions within an Aomni meeting is controllable by hotkeys. Easily adjust audio or video, enable push-to-talk, or quickly jump to write a note or chat. It's all just one tap away.

Shared notes

Get aligned with notes that's shared among all participants. Anyone can easily add action items, questions, or take aways during the call. Aomni will make sure it's all synced up in real-time.


Express yourself and quickly give feedback without interrupting with audio. Reactions aims to bring back some of the same visual queues and spontaneity that we miss from real-world meetings.

Call history

Don't you hate it when you get off a Zoom call and suddenly you lose all your notes? Aomni automatically saves everything sent during the call in a permanent link, so you are always organized. You can even revisit any call you've ever had right from Aomni's dashboard.

Permanent meeting rooms

Get your meetings organized with Rooms. Plan out your meetings ahead of time, upload any necessary presentations, and setup any activities. When the call starts, everything will be right there.

Talk to as many people as you like

Aomni supports large group calls with up to 50 people, run anything from quick standups to large workshops.

No app download needed

Aomni runs natively in the browser, on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Don't juggle 10 different video conferencing apps. With Aomni, everything is available right from the browser.

Full featured

Aomni includes all the features you'd expect from a modern video conferencing app, from screensharing, to chats, to full screen mode. Easily switch from your existing app without missing any features!

How it works

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